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  • Save over $32,000 on your qualification.
  • Get started with NO MONEY DOWN with FEE-HELP.
  • Earn while you learn with flexible external learning options.
  • Be supported by a large team of highly-qualified Psychology professionals.
  • Study internally or externally with individualised personal support.
  • Enjoy a flexible and supportive learning experience.
  • Benefit from less onerous course entry requirements.


Psychology is one of the most versatile undergraduate courses, leading to many different career opportunities. And now there's a truly flexible way to get your qualification – with internal or external study options. It means working while you study is a realistic alternative.


Cost of living pressures and lifestyle choices are evolving the way we learn and Australian Institute of Psychology (AIP) is paving the way through flexible, innovative learning models.


Traditionally, work was sacrificed to pursue a tertiary education. Work needed to be shelved for a few years in favour of full time, face-to-face classes and the promise of higher pay and a better lifestyle with a degree. Now there's no need to sacrifice your career or lifestyle while you complete your Psychology degree. With AIP, you have the option to work, live and travel while you study.


We also believe your future should be determined by your progressive merit, and not only by how you performed at high school. Educational entry requirements to the Institute's Psychology degree are more achievable and less onerous, thus providing many with the opportunity to study Psychology.


A Registered Higher Education Provider Delivering
A Fully Accredited And Recognised Qualification


AIP is a registered Higher Education Provider with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, delivering a three-year Bachelor of Psychological Science. The Bachelor of Psychological Science is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), the body that sets the standards of training for Psychology education in Australasia.


APAC accreditation requirements are uniform across all universities and providers in the country, meaning that Australian Institute of Psychology, whilst a private Higher Education Provider, is required to meet exactly the same high quality standards of training, education and support as any university provider in the country.


AIP's Bachelor of Psychological Science is extremely flexible – you can study externally, attending residential schools to complete practicals; or internally in a traditional university-style classroom setting. Residential Schools for external students are held at our Higher Education Campus in Brisbane, and Residential Schools for core subjects are being offered at our Academic Rooms in Melbourne and Sydney.


You'll have an online learning portal to access study materials, readings, video lectures and discussion forums.

AIP creates a friendly and flexible environment focussing on individualised support. Smaller group sizes, passionate academic staff and the availability of Fee Help make the study experience at AIP an uplifting and enjoyable experience.


A Psychology Degree Is The Most Versatile
You Can Have


Approximately 1 in 7 students commencing tertiary studies undertake a Psychology degree. This is because it's one of the most versatile qualifications that can lead to many exciting career opportunities.


For example, with a Psychology degree you can work in welfare, rehabilitation, human services, case management and case work, research and assessment, market research, organisational development, policy, human resource, or consult in the private or public sector.


This versatility is a result of the theory covered such as communication; personality; motivation and emotion; human behaviour; biological, cognitive and social psychology; research and statistics; and assessment.


Psychology Has Outgrown All Other Occupations By Almost 600%


In today's turbulent job market it's important to have security in your future. According to Job Outlook (, accessed September 2011), the job growth of the Psychology profession has grown at a rate of 77% over the last 5 years, outgrowing All other Occupations by almost 600%.


And employment for Psychologists over the next 5 years is expected to continue to grow very strongly. The majority of Psychologists are employed full time and with above-average earnings.


Graph – Main employing industries


The changing world in which we live today has driven this demand. Psychologists are needed more desperately than ever before.


This is your opportunity to make a difference in a rewarding, high demand career.


You owe it to yourself and your future profession to discover how you can develop the skills and knowledge to pursue your enthusiasm to attain your qualification in Psychology.


A Personally Enriching Career In Psychology


It's rare these days to hear people talk about their work with true passion. You hear so many stories of people working to pay the bills; putting up with imperfect situations; and compromising on their true desires.


That's why it's always so refreshing to hear regular stories from graduates living their dream. They're always so full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. There's no doubt that Psychology is one of the most personally rewarding, enriching and versatile professions.


Graduates with a Psychology undergraduate degree have the opportunity to work in a vast range of roles and settings including private businesses, government departments and organisations. Graduates with the Institute's Bachelor of Psychological Science are perfectly equipped to progress their Psychology education to satisfy educational requirements to obtain registration as a Psychologist. You'll also have a sound foundation in research and analysis that equips you well for the education, justice and health sectors.


Graduates working directly with clients have the opportunity to help others overcome challenges, emotional pain, improve their self esteem, and give them hope for the future. Graduates working in other settings are equipped to positively influence social, health, educational and organisational policy, and contribute to the progress of the profession of Psychology.


As a graduate with a Psychology qualification, you can experience personal enrichment every day. There is nothing more fulfilling than contributing positively to our society.


Learn About Yourself As You Help Others


Life can be challenging at times. We're forced to confront issues we're not prepared for. Unfortunately, we're not born into this world with a user manual. We're required to go through life doing the best we can. Sure, we have friends and family to help us, but they're also just doing the best they can.


A worthwhile aspect to studying Psychology is the self-learning. It is an enjoyable journey of self discovery. An understanding of psychological principles provides you with a clear understanding of yourself, as well as those around you.


With a knowledge of Psychology, you'll understand why you feel, think and behave as you do. And you'll be able to implement strategies in your own life so that you're happier, healthier, and more able to face life's challenges. 


Learning That Fits Around Your Lifestyle


Today there are more demands on your time than ever. Gaining a qualification can be difficult when you have to fit it around other commitments.


Most course providers still design their courses using traditional methods. That was fine 10 years ago when most students studied full time. Today we don't have that luxury. You need to fit competing career, family and lifestyle needs into the same hours.


Our learning methods have evolved with the times. Our teaching methods set a precedent in flexibility and support. Whether studying internally or externally, you can fit your learning around your lifestyle whilst maintaining exceptional levels of quality and support.


Institute courses set the benchmark for service and support, and are designed to maximise your learning. The specialised course material and individualised support provide you with all the expert support and advice you need.


Over 20-Years Experience And One Of The Largest And Most Experienced Education Teams In The Country


Affiliated with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC) – Australia's largest and longest established educator of Counsellors - the Australian Institute of Psychology (AIP) is an innovative educational Institute specialising in Psychology education.


With over 20-years experience in education we've helped over 55,000 people from 27 countries pursue their educational goals. This expertise gives us some very unique insights into the needs of the helping professions, and students studying the helping professions.


We have a dedicated team of Psychologists, curriculum writers, educators and industry representatives, whose sole purpose is to ensure our Psychology program is of the highest educational value. All Institute lecturers and academic staff have their principal post graduate qualifications in Psychology and all meet national Psychology registration requirements. Institute lecturers also have years of practical experience combined with recognised academic teaching and instructional skills.


Our academic team is a committed group of passionate, dedicated and supportive Psychology professionals who are experts in their field. We understand that a positive relationship with academic staff is paramount to a positive educational experience for students. We place great emphasis on creating an enjoyable learning environment that is fun, interactive and supportive while also being highly contemporary, innovative and informative in the knowledge shared.


Get Up To A Full Year Credit For Your
Prior Qualifications And Experience


If you've completed other studies in Psychology or related fields you may be eligible to apply for recognition of your prior learning towards subjects in the Bachelor of Psychological Science*.


You can apply for recognition of up to 8 subjects in the Bachelor of Psychological Science, which means you won't be required to pay fees for the subjects you receive credit for. This can equate up to a $16,760 saving on your course fees.


Here are a couple of examples…

  • If you have graduated from AIPC's Diploma of Professional Counselling/Diploma of Counselling since 2000, then you will satisfy educational entry requirements and automatically receive recognition for 1 core subject of the Bachelor of Psychological Science.
  • If you have started a tertiary qualification in counselling, psychology, social work or a similar field, then you are eligible to apply for recognition for similar subjects included in the Bachelor of Psychological Science.

*Credit for Psychology (PSY) subjects in the Bachelor of Psychological Science will only be granted if the subject is part of another Psychology program approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).


Don't Pay Over $32,000 More…
For The Same Qualification


A Bachelor Degree in Psychology at a major Australian university can cost between $2,360 and $3,405 per subject (see comparative table below).


BUT, you don't have to pay these high subject fees for an equivalent high quality Psychology qualification.

You can do your qualification with the Institute and save on the cost of doing a similar course at university.


Surely you have something else you'd prefer to spend your $32,000 on.

  • AIP's Bachelor of Psychological Science has more Psychology content and subjects than ANY equivalent course offered by an Australian University.
  • You'll gain the same level of recognised qualification – but SAVE over $32,000.
  • You'll have more personal support from our large team of Psychology Lecturers.
  • And you'll have greater flexibility to fit your studies around your life commitments.
Provider Name of Course  Full Fee      SAVE

Australian Institute of Psychology

Bachelor of Psychological Science



University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)



Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)



Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)



University of Queensland**

Bachelor of Psychological Science



Comparison is made between tuition fees for full fee paying students.

** Four year program. Pricing quoted is based on first 3 years of program.


How The Institute Delivers A Psychology Qualification At Such A Reasonable Rate Without Sacrificing Quality


If you want to gain the same qualification, but don't want the massive surcharge that comes with studying at university, you have an alternative.


Take a quick look at some advantages to learning with the Institute:

  • You just pay for your education. We don't have massive campus' to maintain; hence your investment is significantly less, saving you thousands.
  • Institute academic staff are required to be as highly qualified and experienced as university staff.
  • Experience a unique and individualised learning experience that focuses on your academic needs.

YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF, if you want a high standard of Psychology education, with more flexibility and personal support; yet don't want to pay a massive financial surcharge to attend a university campus … then learning with the Institute is your only logical choice.


The Institute's Bachelor Of Psychological Science Is The Ideal Way To Gain An Undergraduate Psychology Qualification


AIP's Bachelor of Psychological Science is a careful blend of psychological and scientific theory and contexts, encouraging your development of critical thinking, assessment, evaluative, research and review abilities. Theory is learnt through user-friendly learning materials that have been carefully designed to make your studies as accessible and conducive to learning as possible.


Entry requirements for the course are also very achievable for most. As long as you passed English and one Mathematics subject in Year 12, you satisfy the educational entry requirements for the Bachelor of Psychological Science.


AIP's Bachelor of Psychological Science covers the core discipline areas of Psychology. The course and its subjects are structured to progressively develop your knowledge and skills from foundational, theoretical concepts through to more complex and advanced topics.


First year subjects focus on building a sound foundational knowledge base in core academic areas such as communication, academic writing, group work, negotiation, conflict resolution and social frameworks. Psychological topics such as the history of psychology, physiology, learning, memory, personality, development, social and cross-cultural considerations, and research methods are covered at the introductory level.


Second Year subjects cover specific Psychology topics in more depth in the key areas of Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Biopsychology and Cognitive Psychology. You have the opportunity to examine some specific fields of Psychology through electives such as Counselling Psychology, Positive Psychology, and the Evolution of Modern Psychology.


The Third Year continues the focus on specific Psychology topics with Personality and Individual Difference, Ethics, and Motivation and Emotion being explored. Psychological Assessment and Abnormal Psychology, along with electives in applied topics, introduces you to specific areas of Psychology application.


The course has a strong emphasis on developing your scientific enquiry and critical thinking skills.


On completion, you will have a comprehensive knowledge base in the core disciplines of psychology, a strong academic skill set, and the foundation to pursue employment in an appropriate role and/or advanced studies at a graduate level. You will have the ability to utilise scientific enquiry to analyse, expand and challenge your knowledge.


The following subjects are included in the Bachelor of Psychological Science:


Year 1

CORE101 - Scholarship: Academic Writing & Presenting

PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology I: Learning, Memory and Physiology

CORE102 - Communication Skills: Professional Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

PSY102 - Introduction to Psychology II: Personality, Development and Social Psychology

CORE103 - Group Work, Team Dynamics and Leadership

PSY103 - Psychology in Perspective

CORE104 - Social Frameworks

PSY104 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology I

Year 2

PSY201 - Developmental Psychology I: Childhood and Adolescence

PSY206 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology II

PSY202 - Social Psychology

PSY207 - Principles of Counselling Psychology **

PSY203 - Biopsychology

PSY208 - Positive Psychology**

PSY204 - Developmental Psychology II: Adulthood and Aging

PSY209 - The Evolution of Modern Psychology**
PSY205 - Cognitive Psychology PSY210 - Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology**
Year 3

PSY301 - Personality & Individual Difference

PSY306 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology III

PSY302 - Ethics and Professional Issues in Psychology

PSY307 - Psychology at Work**

PSY303 - Motivation & Emotion

PSY308 -Biology of Learning, Emotion and Behaviour**

PSY304 - Psychological Assessment

PSY309 - Introduction to Applied Psychology**

PSY305 - Abnormal Psychology

PSY310 - Applied Social Psychological Research **

** Electives are offered at the Institute's discretion


The Institute is approved to offer higher education courses. The Bachelor of Psychological Science is accredited by the Minister for Education and Training, the accrediting authority under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2003


The Bachelor of Psychological Science is equivalent in terms of its academic standing to any course in Psychology offered by a University. This is because all Psychology courses, irrespective of whether they are offered by a university or a private provider such as AIP, need to achieve the same level of educational outcome. The accreditation of the course by the Minister means the course meets these required educational outcomes.

If you want to pursue a career as a Registered Psychologist, you'll need to register with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA). AIP's Bachelor of Psychological Science is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) as contributing to the required six year sequence for registration. For more information on becoming a Registered Psychologist, visit the PBA site at


The Bachelor of Psychological Science is structured to ensure you graduate with a high level of knowledge so you can move into employment and/or continue your academic education into higher level courses in Psychology or other areas. To encourage the assimilation and extension of learning, some subjects of the course require attendance at compulsory Residential Schools covering a range of topics including Presenting, Communication, Group Work, Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, Ethics, and Assessment.


Residential Schools are a great opportunity to get together with fellow students and participate in discussions, laboratory sessions and demonstrations under the guidance of your Lecturer. To help facilitate your learning, our Residential Schools use case scenarios and examples relating to everyday, contemporary issues and provide a wonderful, supportive forum for group discussion, interaction and reflection. Residential Schools for external students are held at our Higher Education Capus in Brisbane, and Residential Schools for core-coded subjects are being offered at our Academic Rooms in Melbourne and Sydney.


Learn Internally (Classroom) or Externally…
With No Compromise On Quality


We've developed a uniquely successful study program for both internal and external students.


Students living in South East Queensland can choose to study the Bachelor of Psychological Science by attending weekly classes, tutorials and laboratory sessions at our educational facility in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


Students studying by distance education have unique needs and study requirements. Support is always close at hand for external students through phone call, email or discussion forum.


By listening to, and continuously applying feedback from our students, we've been able to implement many pioneering strategies that make our Bachelor of Psychological Science flexible, supportive, enjoyable and high value.


Some of these benefits include:

  • Specifically written and easy to understand study material, including study guides and readings, all purposefully designed to make your external studies as conducive to learning as possible.  
  • You have unlimited use of the Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Line, which puts you in contact with your Lecturer who will answer all your study and assessment queries.
  • A Virtual Campus website where you can obtain study assistance and communicate with your Lecturer, participate in discussion forums, access online learning resources and the Institute's Online Library, review interesting links, and download details of Residential Schools and Teleclasses. 
  • Access to state-of-the-art educational facilities including lecture theatres, computer laboratory and interview rooms with video recording facilities.
  • 24/7 access to our Online Library which gives you access to over 12,000 hard copy texts and journals and 50,000 online journal articles and e-books.

You're Better Off Learning From A
Specialist Than A Generalist


Many universities and private providers deliver many courses in a variety of different areas. This may work for them commercially, but it can also jeopardise the quality of education.


AIP specialises in educating professionals for the helping professions, and has done so for over 20 years.


The Institute's tertiary course has been developed by a team of highly qualified and experienced Psychology academics and professionals. We've invested significant time in developing a Bachelor of Psychological Science that intricately and progressively teaches key Psychology theory and contexts to provide graduates with a strong, thorough knowledge base.


Enrol In Your Degree With NO MONEY DOWN


The Institute's Bachelor of Psychological Science presents excellent value-for-money and is one of the most competitively priced Psychology qualifications in the country. The Bachelor of Psychological Science has 24 subjects, of which 4 are General Core subjects and 20 are specific to Psychology. The investment for each General Core subject is $1,850, and $2,095 for each Psychology subject. Plus, you do not pay the subject cost for subjects in which you receive credit.


The Institute is also approved as a Higher Education Provider by the Australian Government so you can choose to pay your subject fees via the Fee Help system. Fee Help is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students to pay their tuition fees.


If you choose to pay your subject fees using Fee Help, the Australian Government pays the amount of the tuition (subject) fee to the Institute and you then repay the loan through the Australian taxation system once your annual income is at a minimum amount (currently $53,345 per annum).


You can find out more about Fee Help from the following publication: Fee Help Information – 2015.

You also have the option of paying your subject fees directly to the Institute each semester for the subjects in which you are enrolled. Or alternatively, you may choose a combination of funding part of your subject fees through Fee Help and paying the remainder yourself. As you can see, the choice is yours.


But Places Are STRICTLY Limited…


The Institute prides itself on setting the highest standards of support. One way we achieve this is by having high Lecturer to student ratios.


To ensure we maintain our benchmark of quality support, we allocate a strictly limited number of placements based on our Lecturer and support team capabilities.


The only fair way to manage the intake process for the high demand Bachelor of Psychological Science is on a first-in basis.


Once the intake quota has been filled we won't be enrolling more students. To do so would reduce our lecturer to student ratio and could jeopardise the level of support we provide. And that's not something we're willing to do. Our reputation for quality support is extremely important to us.


You Must Take Action Now By:

  1. Submitting your online enrolment.
  2. Submit a request for an Institute team member to call you to discuss the degree.

Whilst your response is treated as 100% obligation free, we ask that you only respond if you have a high level of interest in enrolling in the Degree. Every expression of interest is treated seriously by our team and takes considerable resources to process. Thank You.


Let's Quickly Recap…


Have a quick look at what you get:

  • Save over $32,000 on your qualification
  • You can get started with NO MONEY DOWN using FEE-HELP
  • You'll be intimately supported by a large team of highly qualified professionals
  • You can study internally or externally, receiving individualised personal support
  • If studying externally, you'll attend Residential Schools to hone your practical skills and network with other students
  • You'll receive recognition for your prior studies and experience (if eligible)


All That's Left To Do Now Is Act



We look forward to helping you pursue your goal of studying Psychology.


Kind Regards,

Sandra Poletto
Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Institute of Psychology.


PS If you're interested in enrolling in the Bachelor of Psychological Science, it's very important you take this opportunity to register your interest. Failing to do so may jeopardise losing one of the restricted placements.



Angela Malone


I was young when I started a family and did not work until my children were of school age. I found myself always helping people. I felt that I was obtaining copious amounts of experience, but something was missing. I realised that the something that was missing was formal education and therefore started looking for the education that would best suit my needs. My passion and hunger to learn more, was increasing.


After comparing the different organisations, I found myself drawn to a booklet which was sent to me [from the Institute] through one of my enquiries. The booklet was impressive. It had structure and I could follow what the Institute had to offer. It was basically what I was looking for. The booklet covered and answered a lot of my questions. For example: Can I study and still work? Can it help me improve my performance in my current job? Can this fit into my lifestyle? Is there flexibility? Am I going to be able to access tutorial assistance because I want to study by correspondence? Is this course cost effective? All of these questions and many more were answered with a yes.


I felt that the next step was to approach the Institute to see whether they could offer me the opportunity to complete the Degree. My hunger increased and I hoped that I would be able to fulfil this dream. Their course material is excellent; it is structured and is user friendly with information being specific. These people know how to deliver.


Whilst undergoing the final stages of completing the Bachelor Degree, I was offered a position of employment. I underwent formal interviews and was the successful applicant in an extremely important position (sexual assault counsellor). The employers were impressed by the professional skill base and the knowledge that I have and I believe that this also attributes to the Institute's very well thought of and structured training techniques. I am asked by management to share my skills and techniques with other colleagues so that they are better equipped.


I believe that study will not end here for me as I am already looking at post graduate work. My difficulty is finding an institution as well structured as the Institute. And yes, guess what, nobody compares!


On a final note, the Institute has made it possible for me to achieve my dream. Thank you. I have had some personal and environmental challenges along the way; I have persevered with sheer determination and believe that I truly have come out a winner! Live your dream and become the person that you wish to become! Believe in yourself and never give up!

...a uniquely successful study program for both internal and external students.
Our teaching methods set a precedent in flexibility and support...

Will Flynn


The Institute has been an exceptional institution to study through. I have studied with a few institutions over the years but the Institute has by far been the best. What I particularly like is the fact that the lecturers manage to afford students a great degree of flexibility in terms of fitting their studies into their day to day lives whilst maintaining an extremely high standard of education.


I spent a long time researching institutions that offered counselling and I am so glad that I chose the Institute. Like most of us, I try to fit in 25 hours of things to do into every 24 hour period but the Institute have been 100% supportive and do their level best to facilitate my academic progress.


Institute staff are always friendly and helpful and there is always someone willing and able to help with any inquiry. Thank you to all the staff for all that you do

With AIP, you have the option to work, live and travel while you study.
The Bachelor of Psychological Science is a careful blend of psychological and scientific theory and contexts...

Bridget Cameron


If you are a naturally caring person and love to help others in need, this course is a must! Not only will you be helping others, you will be helping yourself too. This course will help you communicate better, know yourself better and ultimately to become a better person.


Studying from home is an exercise in discipline, but you will never feel alone with all the assistance that the Institute provides. Whenever I have needed assistance, there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone on the Institute's Study Assistance Line. I also receive regular mail with encouraging bookmarks, and supportive comments in my workbooks. And, for those who love the internet, the Institute have a great website too!


I have always helped others and people have naturally come to me for assistance within life's multiple coloured dramas. This course is fine-tuning my natural skills and providing me with a qualification to enable me to get paid for what I love to do!

Approximately 1 in 7 students commencing tertiary studies undertake a Psychology's one of the most versatile qualifications that can lead to many exciting career opportunities.
Save up to $1,680 per subject ($40,000) on the cost of doing a similar course at university.

Kylie Coulter


I started the course when I was 19 in 2005. At the time I was working as a business representative for Optus S.A. and I became unhappy with sales. I always knew I wanted to be a psychologist from the age of 15 but because of some difficulties during my teenage years my high school marks didn't allow me to enter a Bachelor of Psychology.


As I began my course I became incredibly empathic as I allowed the skills to become part of my everyday life. I completed my whole course by correspondence and while this was challenging I had effective support at my fingertips online and via telephone. The feedback from markers about my work submissions was always supportive and encouraging.


Thanks to the study curriculum covered I communicate better with others now than I have in my entire life. It has opened up many pathways including my own online counselling service called Life Choices and my new ranking to gain entry into the University of New England's Bachelor of Psychology in 2008. I just want to say a warm thank you to the Institute; it really has been an incredibly valuable investment.

The Bachelor of Psychological Science is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)...
Educational entry requirements to the Institute's Psychology degree are more achievable and less onerous...

Michelle Fairbrother


I realised one day that life would never be generous enough to present me with the opportunity on a silver platter – it was up to me to MAKE IT HAPPEN! I was terrified and very unsure of myself which is why I felt I had to do my homework before I dived into something that was too challenging for me.


I think the one thing I was most concerned about was that I would be expected to "do it alone" – that once I enrolled, it was all up to me and since I hadn't studied for more than 12 years it was a very daunting fear. I had also never been a particularly "good scholar" – studying didn't come naturally to me, or so I thought. But all the staff at the Institute were fantastic. I also believe that because the course was so practical, easy to understand and so interesting, it was a fantastic opportunity to network with other students who, like myself, were doing a juggling act at home, work and study!


It was a wonderful feeling when I finally submitted my last assignment. Not only was I excited but everyone at the Institute was just as excited for me!! There is no doubt that my studies have added a completely new dimension to who I am and I only wish I had taken on the challenge sooner!!

Our academic team is a committed group of passionate, dedicated and supportive Psychology professionals
The majority of Psychologists are employed full time and with above-average earnings.

Katherine J Foster


I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to all members of the Institute for their continued support, consideration and encouragement.


Whilst I perceive all the teachers to have varying personalities and styles, I applaud the Institute for choosing such wonderful individuals who in turn meld their professional strengths, accomplishments and attributes to provide students with a well rounded and balanced educational experience. I perceive that I learnt far more by observing their individual styles and how they worked together for the common good than by having one (1) generic style of teacher.


I truly feel honoured to have been associated with the Institute (academically) and look forward to forging a strong professional association with the Institute (as a graduate member) in the years to come.

Australian Institute of Psychology

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Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


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