As the only private provider in the country focused solely on educating Psychologists (and one of only two private providers of Psychology in Queensland), AIP provides a unique learning experience.


Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds. Yet all share a common interest in understanding human behaviour and assisting their fellow man.


As a Psychologist, there are many opportunities for you to work as an employee or in private practice. As a member of the "helping professions", you can make a real difference in areas such as human services, welfare, counselling, human resources, market research etc.


Our Psychology programs can be studied full or part time, allowing you to progress at a speed that suits your situation; either moderately according to your lifestyle commitments, or faster if you wish to gain your tertiary qualification more rapidly.


Irrespective of your reasons to contact us, it’s your natural desire and ability to help others that we seek to develop through our psychology programs.


The Bachelor of Psychological Science is a three year undergraduate degree that introduces students to the broad discipline of psychology and its research basis. It meets the accreditation requirements of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and as such is accredited as the first 3 years of study in the path to becoming registered as a Psychologist. It therefore provides students with the opportunity to examine the field of psychology in depth whilst providing a pathway toward professional registration and practice.. 


As a three year course of study, the Bachelor of Psychological Science provides relevant qualification for preliminary work in such areas as counselling, human service organisations, personnel management, market research, health and community services. It can also be used as a prerequisite requirement for entry into a 4th year graduate program in psychology.


The course progresses from a broad overview of the science, theoretical foundations and history of psychology onto more focused and specialised areas of research and practice. Upon completion you will be well versed in the theoretical underpinnings and scientific application of psychological principles while also gaining an understanding of the general areas of practice within various sub disciplines of the field. 


Bachelor of Psychology
Year 1
Subjects Residential School

CORE101 - Scholarship: Academic Writing & Presenting

20 Hours (2.5 days)

CORE102 - Communication Skills: Professional Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

20 Hours (2.5 days)

CORE103 - Group Work, Team Dynamics and Leadership

20 Hours (2.5 days)

CORE104 - Social Frameworks


PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology I: Learning, Memory and Physiology

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY102 - Introduction to Psychology II: Personality, Development and Social Psychology

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY103 - Psychology in Perspective


PSY104 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology I

50 Hours (5 days)

Year 2
Subjects Residential School

PSY201 - Developmental Psychology I: Childhood and Adolescence


PSY202 - Social Psychology

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY203 - Biopsychology


PSY204 - Developmental Psychology II: Adulthood and Aging


PSY205 - Cognitive Psychology

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY206 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology II

40 Hours (5 days)

PSY207 - Principles of Counselling Psychology


PSY208 - Positive Psychology


PSY209 - The Evolution of Modern Psychology


PSY210 - Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology


Year 3
Subjects Residential School

PSY301 - Personality & Individual Difference


PSY302 - Ethics and Professional Issues in Psychology

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY303 - Motivation & Emotion


PSY304 - Psychological Assessment

20 Hours (2.5 days)

PSY305 - Abnormal Psychology


PSY306 - Research Methods & Statistics in Psychology III

40 Hours (5 days)

PSY307 - Psychology at Work


PSY308 -Biology of Learning, Emotion and Behaviour


PSY309 - Introduction to Applied Psychology


PSY310 - Applied Social Psychological Research



The Institute’s Psychology Programs have been developed by our team of highly qualified and experienced academics and professionals. We’ve invested significant time in developing unique programs that intricately and progressively teach key psychological theory and applications to provide graduates with a strong, thorough knowledge and skill base.


The Institute is approved to offer higher education courses. Our programs are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TESQA), and also approved by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).


The Institute is also approved as a Higher Education Provider for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), so you can choose to pay your subject fees via the FEE-HELP system. FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee-paying students to pay their tuition fees. Click here for more information on FEE-HELP.


The Institute’s Psychology programs are equivalent in academic standing to any corresponding course in Psychology offered by a university. This is because all Psychology courses, irrespective of whether they are offered by a university or a private provider such as AIP, need to achieve the same level of educational outcomes. APAC accreditation means that the courses meet these required educational outcomes.


The Institute sets the benchmark for service and support in psychological education in Australia. The Bachelor of Psychological Science can be studied internally or externally. The Institute offers a complete study support system. Whether you choose to study internally or externally, you will receive an equivalent level of education and support.


Studying internally


Students living in the South East Queensland area can study the Bachelor of Psychological Science by attending weekly classes, tutorials and laboratory sessions at our educational facility in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


External doesn't mean distant 


We specialise in external education with support always close at hand for external students through phone call, online discussions or email. No matter where you live, our dedicated academic and administrative staff are keen to assist you with your needs.


Toll Free Study Assistance with highly qualified Lecturers


All students have unlimited access to the Institute's Toll Free 1300 Study Assistance Line. Your Lecturer's focus is to assist you with academic support throughout the semester. This includes providing teaching and guidance on specific concepts if you feel you need further explanation, clarifying questions on assignment topics, and personal coaching on assignment writing.


Students are advised by their respective Lecturer at the commencement of each semester of their individual availability. You are also able to email your Lecturer at any time with your study query and will receive a response within one working day.


Knowledge and Experience


The academic programs are structured to ensure you graduate with a high level of knowledge so you can progress into employment and/or further psychological studies. Students studying internally attend weekly tutorials or laboratories for each subject which enables exploration and discussion of the main learning topics for the week.


Some subjects require external students to attend compulsory Residential Schools covering a range of topics. Residential Schools are an integral part of the learning process for external students and assist with assimilating and extending your learning.


Residential Schools are scheduled at the end of each semester and conducted at our Brisbane campus, Australia, and core subjects (for the Bachelor of Psychological Science) are also offered in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.


If studying full time, you complete between 5 and 10 days at a Residential School at the end of each semester. Not all subjects include a Residential School component. If you are studying part time, you only need to attend the days of the Residential School allocated to the specific subject.


Residential Schools are a great opportunity to get together with fellow students and participate in learning sessions under the guidance of your Lecturer. To help facilitate your learning, our Residential Schools use case scenarios and examples relating to everyday, contemporary issues and provide a wonderful, supportive forum for group discussion, interaction and reflection.




Some subjects within the courses include progressive participation by external students in Teleclasses. Teleclasses provide an interactive and stimulating teaching environment based on discussion of concepts and ideas to encourage the transition from teaching to practice. Teleclasses are scheduled during the day or early evenings and are facilitated by the Lecturer.


Institute Web Site


The Institute website contains a Higher Education Learning Portal where you can access many study support and e-learning functions. You can:

  • Contact your Lecturer for study assistance;
  • Participate in Discussion Forums with your Lecturer and fellow students
  • Access online learning resources for your subjects
  • Log onto the Institute's Online Library to search and borrow from the Library Catalogue and access the electronic journal and ebook databases.
  • Download details of Residential Schools and Teleclasses.

AIP’s Bachelor of Psychological Science is one of the most competitively priced Psychology qualifications in the country. The Bachelor of Psychological Science has 24 subjects, of which 4 are General Core subjects and 20 are specific to Psychology. The investment for each General Core subject is $1,950, and $2,145 for each Psychology subject. Plus you have:

  • More personal support from our large team of lecturers and academic staff.
  • Greater flexibility to fit your studies around your life commitments.
  • Access to a comprehensive Psychology program providing you with a thorough academic foundation.

You can find out more about FEE-HELP from the Government Study Assist website at


Click on the buton below to download our full course prospectus here. The prospectus is stored in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat or other compatible viewer. If you do not have a compatible viewer, please click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We also believe your future should be determined by your progressive merit, and not only by how you performed at high school. Educational entry requirements to the Institute's Psychology degree are more achievable and less onerous, thus providing many with the opportunity to study Psychology.


You can apply for entry to the Bachelor of Psychological Science if you have achieved one of the following:

  • A nationally recognised Diploma from any field of study; or
  • Completed Year 12 or Higher School Certificate with at least a Sound Achievement in English and a Sound achievement in a Mathematics subject; or
  • Completed a year-long tertiary studies preparation program (eg Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation); or
  • Completed at least 12 months of tertiary studies with a University or non-university Higher Education Provider with a GPA of at least 4.0; or
  • Achieved an overall score of at least 160, or a verbal subscore of at least 155, in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT).

With your application, you will need to include a short Essay describing why you would like to study Psychology.


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